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  1. TimTheFirst

    China cyber threat

    So with the Chinese hacking into government and personal information, so you have any suggestions to defend against such attacks? Does AG protect us at all from this threat?
  2. TimTheFirst

    Brave browser any good?

    Is brave browser any good? Is it worth running with Adguard? Or don't bother?
  3. TimTheFirst

    AG turns itself off unexpectedly

    It turn itself off after every update check, and sometimes when the device changes from mobile network to WiFi.. It is really annoying as I may not know about it for hours....
  4. TimTheFirst

    Tor browser

    Would Adguard conflict with Tor Browser or can I use both. Just trying Tor out of curiosity...
  5. TimTheFirst

    Privacy of members

    Hey guys! Given that Adguard is all about protecting our privacy and all, I find it curious that my date of birth is on my profile! Name and dob are the standard way to search for people. I'm not comfortable with that being public property at all! Can this be removed please
  6. TimTheFirst

    [Resolved]Adguard keeps turning itself off

    Huh, I had to create a new account as the site forgot me it seems. Now can't find this thread... Anyway, after many emails and no response from support, I was reading the forums and other people having same issue.. In desperation I turned off the vpn disable thing and it seems to be behaving now...