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    AdGuard sometimes fails to load.

    I notice randomly on some systems Adguard fails to load on startup. I created a task to ensure it loads in Task Scheduler, but it won't load hidden, and pops up adguard everytime. Is there a command line argument I can use to have it load and immediately minimize, or load silently? Or a...
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    AdGuard on Mini-Notebooks?

    Has anyone tested Adguard on Mini-Notebooks, like Acer Aspire One's? I came into possession of 4-5 of these of various power/age. I am thinking of testing on them. I upgraded a few with more ram, and SSD drives, curious to see how they handle Adguard. I know they can run Admuncher, but...
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    AdGuard beta missing Facebook Sponsored ads.

    Not sure what happened, but starting today Adguard Beta is missing every single Facebook Sponsored Ad. I reinstalled it. Changed filters, changed all settings, enabled WFP driver, and tweaked as much as I could, it still misses sponsored ads. I tried 3 different browsers, same thing. Any...
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    AdGuard doesn't work with Superbird Browser.

    Not sure why, but it doesn't filter anything when using this browser;
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    AdGuard assistant keeps turning itself on!

    Anyone else notice this? Despite disabling it, I always return to my machines to find it re-enabled. I know for a fact I disabled it last night, and today it's back on again. Why?
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    New Facebook Video Ads coming - will AdGuard block them?

    Check this out;!zClW2
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    AdGuard not in programs list for uninstall, cannot upgrade to new beta.

    Strange issue. Adguard is installed, and running. But errors out when I try to upgrade to the new beta. Adguard no longer appears as an installed program! How do I fix these issues? I've tried reboots, clearing caches, and everything I can think of.. Highly annoying!
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    AdGuard breaks Virgin Mobile. Cannot ADD any phone to cart unless Adguard is disabled. Cannot do much of anything on the website with Adguard running.