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    AdGuard dns restarts even though it is disabled

    It’s mostly a problem when I drove away from a WiFi connection like work or home. My data becomes unusable for a couple minutes while it restarts. The option to restore is disabled.
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    AdGuard DNS on Mac and accountsd

    I have tried on 3 occasions to use AdGuard DNS and each time it causes the process accountsd to use 100%+ of the CPU and crash. When I remove AdGuard DNS the immediate goes away. I met with an Apple genius today and they confirmed that this is a know issue. I have tested on several other Macs...
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    DNS for Mac

    Which DNS servers do I use on a Mac, ipv4 or 6? Both?
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    Recommended or default settings fro Mac?

    I am looking for some recommended or default settings for Mac? Not the filters, but the other settings. If anyone can help I would appreciate it.