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    Why use DNS Server in Japan? (European user here)

    Hi there I'm living in Europe and Adguard chose to use a DNS Server from Japan. Why the long way from home when you got 4 Server in Europe that would be way closer? 7.5 Beta 1
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    7.4 beta 2 problems when running sandboxed

    After switching from stable to the latest beta of Adguard (7.4 beta 2) I found out that its not possible for me to run Firefox 75.0 in sandboxie (Version 5.33.3) anymore with the new "Adguard Browser Assistant Beta" add on. The legacy assistant works still fine but the beta add on in the browser...
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    [Resolved] antiadblock [NSFW]

    The site detects an adblocker and puts a white layer i cant get removed above anything. Vivaldi and Adguard newest versions (none beta)
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    Does disabling WOT stops them from selling my data?

    Hi does disabling WOT completely disables all functions of that extension? I would be more happy to delete it from the extension list. Any hint how to do that? It shoudent be activated on normal installs from now on maybe?