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    Auto http proxy vs VPN on rooted device ?

    I use Adguard with success on my (rooted) Oneplus 6 as a VPN, just like on a non-root device. But I noticed that there is an auto HTTP proxy filter option instead of VPN, which only works on rooted devices. I can enable this, but what are the differences with VPN ? Can I use another VPN or TOR...
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    Where are the urls blocked by the user in the filter list ?

    When I see the filter list, I see some domains which I want to block as well. I can do that by click on it and then click on the red 'BLOCK' text and then confirm, but these are not listed in the 'Custom' filter. Where are these listed, in case I blocked the wrong one, I can unblokc it ?
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    Does Adguard really block internet access for blacklisted apps ?

    On my phone (Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro running Android 10) I have Adguard Pro and have blocked most apps, except browser or email or other apps really needing internet, the Internet access by enabling Adguard protection and unchecking wi-fi and cellular access in foreground and background. See the...