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    I'm using Adblock Chrome extension, with Adguard annoyances, and in the website adblock is detected. It seems this rule works: @@||^$generichide
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    Hi friends. I can't play videos in website, like this: Problem is Adguard Annoyances filter. Thanks in advance Regards
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    [Resolved] Still problems with

    Comes from here but still i have problems with Adguard, that breaks (blank page). I think is a cookie issue. Thanks
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    [Resolved]Adguard annoyances issue with

    Hi friends. Adguard annoyances filter breaks (blank page). I think is a cookie issue. Thanks
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    Adblock detection Adguard Chrome extension (version 3.3.4) Configuration by default
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    Is there any way to not slowdown browsing?

    Hi guys. I really like a lot this extension. It has some useful features, with great cosmetic blocking, stealth mode, no cookies popups.... , but in my laptop is very noticeable the slowdown when i'm browsing, even sometimes freezing. I don't know if there is some tip or solution for this...
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    Custom filters not working

    Hi guys. I'm using Adguard chrome extension, but i have issues with a custom filter (Malwaredomainlist: In Ublock Origin it works fine and it blocks whatever site of malwaredomainlist (...
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    Problem with license

    Hello. I've to restore several times my mobile phone (problem with notifications and WiFi) and now i can't activate my Adguard license again. What can i do? Thanks
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    [Resolved] AdGuard not open embedded link on Amazon

    Hello friends. I've a problem in Amazon web, in section Help, Need More Help, Contact us ( When you click in Contact US, nothing happens. Only if you open the link in a new window (right mouse button), it works...
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    Hi guys. Is this site clean? Virustotal says "yes"...
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    [resolved] AdGuard blocking embedded links

    Hello guys. I have a problem in this site: I can't open any link when i click on it. Only when i select with right button of the mouse on the link "open link in a new window", it works. Thanks for your support Edit: i'm using last version of Chrome in Windows 8.1