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    [Resolved]Was there a sale that just ended?

    Hi - On Monday I decided to buy Adguard for Windows, but I had to wait till payday (today). When I went to make the purchase, the price was quite a bit more. Was there a sale going on that ended? Thanks!
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    [Resolved]Is it possible to view ads that have been blocked?

    Hi, is it possible to view ads that have been blocked in Adguard? This is possible in the brower-only extension, but I don't find it in the full version. Thanks!
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    [Resolved]Is Adguard with premium same as Adguard Pro?

    Hi. I’m going to buy the full Adguard. Can I use one of the licenses with the iOS app? If so, do I want to get Adguard Pro or the regular version? Currently using the free iOS version. Thanks.
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    50,000 filters exceeded

    Hi - I'm running AG in iOS and Mac and recently exceeded the 50,000 filter limit, forcing me to turn off one of the lists I normally ran. Are there any plans to create a workaround for this? On iOS there's an app that did this by basically having each filter list appear as a contact blocker to...