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    [bug] NSFW

    hello everyone, long time no posting in this forum.. been very busy last year i'm still using adguard and see this link for example will work if adguard is disabled and videos thumbnails in first page will disappear with adguard on i...
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    indonesian website NSFW adguard 6.2 latest beta filters english, spyware, social media and abpindo.
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    not compatible with palemoon

    hello , i want to report that firefox extension is not compatible with the latest palemoon 25.6
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    Exception didn't went through

    shortstory is i frequently go to the below site and i want to add exception to it when i add exception. my user filter get @@||$document in it but the ads still haven't appeared anyway to make it appear? now i use...
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    [resolved] ads adguard filter
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    fix browsing security module this site is the most popular site in indonesia. and i don't see malware there. please fix yahoo mail indonesia website. i don't think it is phising or something...
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    missed ads filter
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    missed ads Filter
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    make useful ads non default

    i think adguard should make the useful ads non default. most of us who use adblocker, should not like seeing ads. seeing as adguard is a paid adblocker, it is just logical to make it non-default filter, and the user can choose to add it easily on the first configuration. hope this would...
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    reason google-analytics/ga.js not being blocked by default

    reason not being blocked by default any reason why this google-analytics and being in whitelist by default in spyware filter ? seems to be one of the reason most of website tracking. The request was sent from the following web page...
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    [resolved] Problem with shortlink service when i use adguard, countdown stops at zero and didn't change to start with adguard without adguard list of filter adguard english filter adguard spyware filter adguard social media filter easilist abpindo
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    [resolved] Anti Adblock

    when i use adguard to browse this link, anti adblock will activated here's the link here's the screenshot without adguard and with adguard list of filter adguard english...
  13. A blocked by adguard

    after the latest filter, i need to disabe adguard / add it to exclusion to access it. TP LINK ADSL modem W8970 english filter is the one responsible
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    Google SafeBrowsing

    As far as I know, Adguard still use this. At least the 2 checkboxs in options for that are still there To summarize how it works : you regularly update a list of site from google, and if you run into one of them, the browser connect to google servers to know if it is still on their blacklist...
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    popads on manpage
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    [resolved] ads and floating bottom frame
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    HTTPS site problem

    I've sometimes https site will failed at certificate recognising / adguard take some element of http counterpart of the website i can't reproduce it because it is completely random. anyway to fix this? when using palemoon https site should be have blue verified tag, instead of it, it has red...
  18. A, - random popups

    i've been getting random popups on and
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    Enchancement of Logging

    I've been mentioning about this enchancement because adguard logs right now are too simple but the thread is gone. so I'll repeat it. Can adguard display some information about connection being blocked? something like this maybe. TCP_DENIED/302 377 GET...
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    mised ads and popups