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    Problem Filtering Section On

    Hi, I'm trying to filter the top section with all the posters on I have tried: " > tbody > tr > td:last-child > div.content-rounded > table.lista-rounded > tbody > tr:nth-child(2) > td > div:first-child > table > tbody > tr", but it...
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    Unable to Block an Element on

    I'm trying to block the VPN ad on (see the screenshot below). According to Adguard itself, the string to filter is, but it never works. Also, often times the Adguard button, usually at the bottom right, disappears.
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    Problem with DuckDuckGo Settings

    Ever since upgrading to Adguard 7.0 Beta (currently using 7.0.2638.6551 BETA), my saved settings on disappear. I'm wondering if there a setting in Adguard that could be causing this. 1. From, I click the hamburger button in the top right and choose Other Settings...
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    Anti-Adblock Killer | Reek is Obsolete?

    Hi, In the latest version of AdGuard, "Anti-Adblock Killer | Reek" filter is listed as obsolete. What makes it obsolete? Is there a newer version to use or has it been embedded into another filter?
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    Adguard Not Loading On One Website

    Ever since yesterday, when I visit, Adguard v6.3.1399.4073 will not load in Chrome v68.0.3440.106 (Official Build) (64-bit). It loads in Chrome 70 Canary, but not in Chrome 68. I have tried to restart the service, close Chrome completely and reopen it, I have tried installing the...
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    Block MouseOver on

    I figured out how to block the image the mouseover loads on, but can someone help me block the mouseover itself. Thanks in advance!
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    AdGuard Assistant No Longer Loads On

    Up until yesterday, the AdGuard Assistant was working fine on Suddenly last night, the assistant disappeared and all my filters for the site don't work. Even when I installed the Chrome extension, it launches in green, not blue - meaning it has not connection to the program. I don't...
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    [Resolved] Need Help Removing Section On

    I'm trying to remove the large blank area above the torrents on (the red squared off area) I have tried to use the associated DIV, but that does nothing. I have blocked the entire adskeeper domain, but that didn't help either. Any and...
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    [-] Blocking Ads in The Weather Network Windows 10 App

    I have added the Weather Network Windows 10 app to my list of Filtered Apps and enabled the WFP network driver, but I can't seem to figure out how to block ads or parts of the app like I can in any browser. Here's the link to the app:
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    [Resolved] Anti-Adblocking

    Openload now has a new domain,, that has anti-adblocking tech that is blocking despite having Adguard on Windows 10. Can anyone help bypass the anti-adblocking?
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    Add Filters By URL

    One of my favorite features of Adguard Pro for Windows is The ability to add filters by URL. I realize this feature can't be added to the free iOS Adguard, but what about adding it as a $0.99 in-app purchase? I'd pay! It would cut down the number of filters I have enabled! Please consider this...
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    Phishing and Malware Protection

    The desktop extension has phishing and malware protection. I'd like to see this added to the iOS version.
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    Auto Filter Updating In The Background

    All the best adblockers for iOS have automatic filter updating in the background. I'd like to see that come to Adguard for iOS. It's kind of a nuisance have to remember to open the app to update the filters.
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    [-] [Anti-Adblock]

    I have searched the internet for a way to bypass's anti-adblock, but none of the so called fixes have worked. Anti-Adblock Killer used to work. Link example: What I get: Anyone know how to bypass this?
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    Blocking Parts Of Google Search Results

    I'm trying without success to block movie showtimes, top stories and Twitter posts in my search results. I have tried using the "Block Ads On This Website", but it ends up blocking content only on that page or also blocking other content. Would someone please help!
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    Add Custom Filter

    How can I add Fanboy's Fanboy Ultimate List ( to Adguard's Chrome Extension?