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    Popup Blocker & Flash Block Notifications In Edge Not Working Correctly

    Hi, I will provide answers for some of your points related to the popup blocker userscript. I. Have you tried moving the mouse cursor over the notification? If a mouse cursor is over a notification, it won't disappear and stay there as long as the cursor does not leave. You can also make...
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    6.2.424.2123 beta & LinkedIn Win 10 app - new pop-up blocker blocking all external links

    Hi, the broken whitelist functionality is caused by the environment difference of browsers and Windows 10 Apps. We will fix this in the next version of the userscript. In the meantime, you can browse with your browser, reproduce popups, and whitelist there.
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    [Resolved] [Chrome Extension]

    Hi, the extended css rule does not work because of li:not([style]) Extended Css module hides an element by setting display:none!important inline style attribute, so as soon as it hides the element, li:not([style]) does not hold anymore, so it un-hides it immediately. On my end the element is...
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    No, English filter alone should block ads in I didn't say that you need Spyware filter to block ads, where did you get that? Also, is the issue still happening on your end?
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    Not reproduced, the page linked have many videos, which video should I play to reproduce?
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    [Resolved] adblock detection

    Added to English filter: @@||^ Please, check the result.
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    Added to Annoyance filter:$##gba.gb_td.gb_gg{height:60px;}$#.gb_Mc.gb_g[data-ved="0EPxBCAE"]{display:none!important;} Please, check the result.
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    Not reproduced on my end. Please try updating filters.
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    [-] - pay wall (adblock)

    Added to German filter:{var __de,__bild,__cmsKonfig;try{var b=function(a){a&&__bild!=a&&(__bild=a,__cmsKonfig=a.cmsKonfig,Object.defineProperty(a,"cmsKonfig",{get:function(){return...
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    Added to Turkish filter: ||*_Video_600x400.mp4^ Please, check the result.
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    Added to German filter: > article .transaction.btn Please, check the result.
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    Added to French filter: Please, check the result. It is possible to remove the background link, but it is dangerous. You can use the following rule:'load',function(){if(window.jQuery){console.log("IM...
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    Please mark ads in the screenshot, your rule does not match any element on my end.
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    [Resolved] - Missed Ads [Windows]

    Added to English filter: !+ NOT_PLATFORM(ext_ff, ext_opera)!function(a,b){b=new MutationObserver(function(){a.classList.contains('idle')&&a.classList.remove('idle')}),b.observe(a,{attributes:!0,attributeFilter:['class']})}(document.documentElement); !+ NOT_PLATFORM(ext_ff...
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    Yes, it is an anti-adblock by InstartLogic When it detects an adblock, it reloads the page with a page whose url containing 'g00', in which all third-party resources are replaced with first-party resources from obfuscated urls...
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    Hi, so as I understand, TalkTalk is an internet service provider and you are using it, and when you visit, TalkTalk redirects you to a page in Is it correct? While connecting to a third-party server is generally a sign of some tracking going on, I don't see any...
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    Added to Annoyance filter: Please, check the result.