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    Anyway to get rid of these ads on CNN app with AdGuard Pro ?

    Guessing not but wanted to at least try and ask! Thanks.
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    Will a Cruise ship Wifi work with AdGuard Pro ?

    They don't allow VPNs will I be forced to use the free version of AdGuard? Can I have both AdGuard and AdGuard Pro installed at the same time ? I know it already has been but wanted to make sure.
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    On windows thinking of going back to Adblock + addon because of all the problems kinda. Why should I or shouldn't?

    Advantages/Disadvantages ? I really want to stay with Adguard.
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    Can not get to Royal Caribbean forums with AdGuard enabled for filtering :(
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    Still can't get to

    With Adguard on can't get to it won't load properly. It tries to but never does.
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    [Resolved]Annoyance Filter where did it go?

    I tried adding it but when I search it does not show up anymore :(
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    How to close or remove completely?

    Can't get pass this :( Link:
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    Anyway to block this with Adguard on all sites ?
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    Adguard Pro or Adguard ?

    Which Adguard should I use for iOS ? Which is better right now ?
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    So what is AdGuard going to do about Apple's stance on iOS Ad Blocking ?

    Is there a solution ? Or will AdGuard iOS die a slow death ?
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    Anyway to disable autoplay of videos with AdGuard ?

    Is it possible? Then have a whitelist as well ? If not it is ok.
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    Adguard for Android does it auto update or do you have to do it manually every time ?
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    I keep getting this error with my new Netgear XR500 router :(

    I did disable filtering as you can see here too. When I click ok everything works fine after but it is annoying. Never had this problem with Adguard and a router before. How do I fix this please ?
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    Possible to block at top suggesting a app to use when I browse a website?

    If you don’t know what I mean I will post a picture.
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    AdGuard Pro drains battery faster on iOS 11.3 compared to iOS 11.2.6 why please?

    I am almost certain or think this is happening. Is there anyway to fix this please ? Thanks!
  16. M will not work when Adguard is enabled - even tried a full fresh install of Windows 10 VM refuses to work with Firefox and Adguard. Works fine in IE when Adguard is enabled which is weird. I don't want to use IE though.
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    Enabled rules: 72694 Active rules: 50000

    What does this mean and how do I fix it please ? Does it include other apps too or just the Adguard filters ?
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    Does anyone here know much about routers ?

  19. M Ad Blocker Interference Detected I get this error when going here . Anyway around it? Thanks.