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    [HOW TO] Block YouTube Adverts using Adguard Pro

    This from my testing seems to block the majority of youtube adverts. Under AdGuard Pro go into Privacy Settings Add a subscription Point it to the URL Wait for the Subscription to load Restart the VPN Test and let me know how you all...
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    iPhone 10 Support

    Please can you fully support the screen resolution in both the standard and pro versions.
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    AdGuard Browser is this possible?

    Hey guys had this thought last night and wanted to ask if there is any chance of it happening. Could there be any chance of you guys developing your own web browser for android/ios/windows etc with adguard built in? I think this would make an excellent addition to your port folio.
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    [CONFLICT] Sophos Home Beta and AdGuard WFP driver

    Testing out Sophos Home Beta and there is a conflict between the WFP driver for Edge and Metro Apps and the Sophos Web Filter Service. When the Sophos Web Filter Service is started it breaks the ability to get to ANY website with Adguard Enabled I have also turned off all extensions...
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    Windows 10 Build 10586.14 Adguard for Windows Build Filters: English filter, Spyware filter, Social media filter