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  1. streetwolf

    Extension slows up Fx startup.

    When the AG Fx extension is enabled the startup time for Fx is noticeably slower then when it's disabled. It reminds me how ABP caused a similar delay. I haven't used ABP in ages so I don't know if they fixed this. Interestingly, uBlock Origin does not cause a delay. Perhaps it's because...
  2. streetwolf

    Scroll bar in Filter Editor looks a little janky.

    Scroll bar seems like it needs to move right. Yellow highlight was added by me. Actually both scroll bars. It's possible this is also happening in other places. ***** I have changed the width of the scroll bar in Windows in general via the Registry. This might be the cause. It has never...
  3. streetwolf

    [Resolved] videos at take awhile to begin to play

    Here is such a video.. It takes about 30 seconds for the video to begin to play. During this time the throbber is circling. Disabling the English filter 'fixes' the problem. Interesting...
  4. streetwolf

    AG Firefox Extension and AGW possible conflict

    I'm running AGW and the AG Firefox extension. See my Sig for the versions. I was trying to test something out so I disabled AGW via the tray icon. Much to my surprise ads were still blocked. I opened up the AG Firefox extension options and saw that I had everything enabled including the...
  5. streetwolf

    [*] not working

    When I go to I see the test indicator for a second or so then the page turns black. Disabling the English filter fixes the problem. The new AGW beta might have something to do with my problem. If you want to TeamViewer to me let me know.
  6. streetwolf

    Problem at

    When I start the speed test the download portion runs fine 99% of the time. After the download test is finished the upload test doesn't run. Disabling AG protection makes the upload test run. I exit my browser and restart it before I run the test. Using Fx45. This started a few days ago...
  7. streetwolf

    [Resolved] Problem signing into Windows 10 Store.

    When I was in the W10 store I signed out via my icon at the upper right of the screen. I then tried to sign in again and was greeted by a message stating there was some kind of error and to try again later. I tried multiple times with the same result. On a hunch I disabled AG protection. I...
  8. streetwolf

    WFP Network Driver cause BSOD [system_service_exception netio.sys]

    WFP Network Driver causes BSOD [system_service_exception netio.sys] I started getting the BSOD when I enabled the WFP drivers. I'm on the TDI drivers at the moment. I ran for hours with the TDI drivers without any BSODs. Using Windows Defender, Windows Firewall, Malwarebytes Pro and...
  9. streetwolf


    Look at my screenshot of the site. The area where i put the big red X has an ad that gets blocked. The large empty space should be collapsed.
  10. streetwolf

    [Resolved] not working

    Starting today something in the English Filter is preventing the speed test at from working. When this first happened about a month ago you gave me this rule @@|| which fixed the problem. The rule is still in my User Filter. I recall back then you...
  11. streetwolf

    [*] AG6 Stealth Mode problems

    So far I found 2 sites that give me problems when using Stealth Mode. Specifically it's when I enable the 'Hide your IP address. The sites are and Both sites evidently 'know me' by my real IP address. Bing thinks I am in Germany and
  12. streetwolf


    Hi Andrey Remember all the problems I had with Things like forecast times not being correct among other things. I had to add '@@||$elemhide,jsinject' to my user filter to fix the time problem. You thought that Stealth Mode would fix that but it didn't. Additionally...
  13. streetwolf

    [Resolved] and it's related pages just shows an empty page. Disabling AGW makes it display again.
  14. streetwolf

    [Resolved] speed test doesn't work.

    Clicking on Begin Test doesn't do anything. Disabling the English filter makes it work.
  15. streetwolf

    Slow loading of pages.

    Perhaps this is e10s related but I find the latest version of AG for Fx slows down page loading with only a few rules. I am guessing this is because the rules are not going to AG for Windows but staying in the extensions filter list? Kinda like running two ad blockers at the same time?
  16. streetwolf

    More problems for me.

    WTF is happening? With AG enabled some sites don't display at all. is one. If I disable AG it displays fine. If I then enable AG while Fx is still open the site will continue to display. As soon as I exit Fx and start it up again the site won't display until I...
  17. streetwolf

    Program update clears AG Program Group.

    Recently I uninstalled AG and then reinstalled it using the latest setup file. After the install I had an Adguard entry in my Program Group with three entries in it (Adguard, Adguard debug, and something else). When a new AG program update was installed via the AG tray icon 'check for program...
  18. streetwolf

    Problems with on Fx again.

    In a nutshell under Fx does not display current information. This is based on displayed times and forecasts on The only way I can get things to be current is to disable AG while Fx isn't running, go into Fx and enable AG again. This will only update to...
  19. streetwolf

    Ads in ModernUI apps.

    I thought using the WFP network driver is supposed to get rid of ads in ModernUI apps? An example of an app that has ads is the MS Weather app. Sometimes it is necessary to click on some things in order for ads to show up.
  20. streetwolf

    This Connection is Untrusted

    I get this when I use a new profile with Firefox. I know I posted this before and got an answer but I am so lame at searching. So if you would be so kind please tell me what I have to do. This time I will cut and paste the answer and store it in a hermetically sealed mayonnaise jar on Funk...