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  1. steve1209

    Latest Nightly Versions Not installing AG Certificate?

    Hi All, The last couple Windows nightly updates have failed to install the Adguard certificate, Nightly 14 & 15 both failed. I can't even go to settings, click network and reinstall certificate. I need to reboot for the certificate to be valid for Adguard, is this a BUG? Edit forgot to...
  2. steve1209

    Skype Ad's

    Hi with nightly latest Skype is in the filtered app's is receiving Ad's.
  3. steve1209

    AdGuard assistant disappears and AdGuard stops filtering

    Hi All, Using AdGuard nightly 7.0.2261.5797 Win 10 home version 1903 OS build 18342.8 Chrome Version 72.0.3626.121 (Official Build) (64-bit) I open my homepage in chrome which is my Gmail inbox, I see the assistant and AdGuard is filtering. using that same tab, I now switch to my bank and as...
  4. steve1209

    Nightly Updates?

    I have NOT received a nightly update for a long time???
  5. steve1209

    Adguard Nightly Builds?

    Hi, I've downloaded Adguards nightly build (currently 6.3.960.3195). Is there documentation on what is NEW in each nightly build update so we can specifically test that feature or function?
  6. steve1209

    Why is online bank not excluded in Adguard?

    Hi, Every other bank site I use is excluded from AG but Ally Online Bank isn't excluded for some reason and just recently when I added a credit card there, features have been blocked, I created a filter in my user filter via the AG Assistant but I think it should be excluded?
  7. steve1209

    [Solved] Anyone having this problem, it started today for me?

    Hi All Using chrome, latest windows Adguard version, not using stealth mode and not using WOT. Reading Gmail, started receiving many reports for regular email I read every day today.
  8. steve1209

    Can't open site with Adguard enabled
  9. steve1209

    Missed Ad

    Using Adguard Windows latest, chrome beta I tried to use the new reporting tool to report, got to step 5 (screenshot) and I could not add a screenshot and it would not let me go to the next step without a screenshot.
  10. steve1209

    Adguard suddenly detecting crypto currency miner?

    Hi all, Everytime I close down and open my Chrome browser again I get the following popup This just started Google Chrome is up to date Version 63.0.3239.90 (Official Build) beta (64-bit) This happens only when I first open my gmail home page in the Chrome browser, never after that, what is...
  11. steve1209

    [*] [Windows]

    This video gets Ads
  12. steve1209

    [Resolved] [Adguard Chrome Extension]

    Hi, Outlook mail is displaying the fact of using an Adblocker and taking up space. (Beta Also) Screenshot
  13. steve1209

    Spotify Ad's?

    Hi all, I found the executable for Spotify but Adguard doesn't seem to kill the ad's, any help?
  14. steve1209


    With Adguard enabled video won't start
  15. steve1209

    Getting message about AdGuard all web pages

    Hi, Getting a weird pop-up message every webpage I try to open Had to disable Adguard to get to pages... Edit OK I narrowed the problem down to the filter AdBlock Protector List is causing the problem, disabling that filter corrects the problem.
  16. steve1209

    Can not Edit Google Calendar entries

    Hi All, I have previous entries on my Google calendar. With the latest Adguard Beta 6.2.357.1887 enabled and Chrome 59 (Beta Channel), I click on Edit for a previously entered Google calendar event and nothing happens, I can not edit it. I tried it in Edge as well, same failure, so pretty...
  17. steve1209


    Shows Adguard is blocking Video because of AdBlocker when showing preview Here is screenshot of block
  18. steve1209

    [Resolved] Ads

    Hi, Can ads be stopped on they happen every few songs. Using Adguard 6.1.312.1629 Screenshot: It plays several Ads and can not be Xed out. I had to sign up for free account.
  19. steve1209


    Hi Alex, this site loads twice before Logon even begins, I'm sure its a filter issue when I disable Adguard Windows it doesn't happen, can you help please?