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  1. iScriptShift

    AdGuard's Verification Certificate & Firefox

    Hey there, so, recently after updating Adguard & Firefox to the latest, I have these issues. When I run firefox and I open websites; most tech giants like Apple, Google, FB they all give me this "Insecure Connection" Error and never let me continue. So I researched and found out it's because...
  2. iScriptShift

    [iOS] Safari AdBlock (iOS 9)

    Hey there, so I've been using the Windows AdGuard, and i've personally liked it more than ABP, UBlock and such. Now, as iOS 9 is coming to public and it allows Content Blocking, is there going to be an Adguard for iOS 9? Apps like Purify and such are prepared for the launch and I personally...
  3. iScriptShift

    WFP Network Driver Slow

    Hi there, so I am running a Trial of Adguard been a week and it's been really good. Looking forward to purchase it, it works just the way it should and the way I want it to be. But the only thing resisting me from buying right now is the Edge Blocking. I read on the forums the other day, I need...