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    Adblock won't work on Galaxy S9+

    Ticked that pref.vpn.disable.reconfigure option and restarted my phone. Statistics on the homepage of the app now show that its blocking ads and saving data so that looks to be working. Hopefully it will stick. It appears that either in Android Oreo or the Galaxy Firmware that Mobile Networks...
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    Adblock won't work on Galaxy S9+

    Well Im glad that I'm not the only one that has ran into this issue. I thought it was weird that I had ads showing up in places that they wouldnt show up on my LG G6. Looking forward to the update to fix this.
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    Driver_irql_not_less_or_equal bluescreen error

    Wow so that's what caused it. I was really bummed about not being able to use my lifetime license because of the bluescreen. Glad to know this is what fixes it. Is this something that will be fixed soon so we can leave TCP Fast Open enabled?