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  1. RaulilloPR

    PPTP and OpenVPN

    Hello, is there any way to setup OpenVPN or PPTP in adguard?
  2. RaulilloPR

    [Resolved] webpages made on

    If I access any webpage from any domain that is hosted by I get spammed by the adguard desktop app about the site is "dangerous" however there are no record of it being dangerous at all anywhere. It's very annoying since the app will continuously spam popups about...
  3. RaulilloPR

    NordVPN Proxy in Windows

    Just did, does not work. Depending on which server I try it takes longer or less time to show that msg. Not sure if Windows version is supposed to have different settings than android, I havent found a guide for windows so im doing the same that it says to use in android.
  4. RaulilloPR

    NordVPN Proxy in Windows

    When I try to use the proxy with Nordvpn, I use the exact same settings I use in Mobile version, but in windows version is not working, it gives me the error "the proxy is dead or the configuration is invalid" the error is instant like if its not even trying.
  5. RaulilloPR


    Hello, I cannot get notifications of new mail in protonmail if Adguard is enabled.
  6. RaulilloPR

    Too many redirects

    I just fixed it by disabling "hide your IP address" in the stealth list thanks.
  7. RaulilloPR

    Too many redirects

    Hello, If I go to this page I get error of "the page redirected you too many times" the problem happens with any browser if adguard is active in Windows This page does the same if I try to login to blizzard from it.
  8. RaulilloPR

    Adguard Cookie

    Sometimes some pages appear as the are using the adguard cookie. Should I block that cookie? Should I block any other cookie not related to that specific page? Is there an option to automatically do that with adguard?
  9. RaulilloPR

    Floating Widget

    Is there any way to remove the floating widget? Even when small it often interfere with some things that I do, its really annoying.
  10. RaulilloPR

    Adguard can access my activity?

    I suddenly received a warning on my mobile with some kind of warning about adguard. I dont remember the specific that it said but i know it was warning me about adguard and that it monitors my activity. It was a big pop up not like any other push notification
  11. RaulilloPR

    Adguard for Windows + SimpleDNSCrypt

    Also, in simpleDNS there is an option to choose "loopback pseudointerface" which i think it belongs to Adguard, i was wondering if I should enable it or only in the wifi/LAN
  12. RaulilloPR

    Adguard for Windows + SimpleDNSCrypt

    Is this better than DNScrypt?
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  14. RaulilloPR

    blocked vs Total

    Thank you, yeah i later realized it but the thing is ive just installed adguard and notice that it usually has 1-4 blocks in pages were the adblockers i used before, like ublock, ABP and ghostery, gave me 50-100 blocks in some pages like gmail. Also after checking the list adguard gives me it...
  15. RaulilloPR

    blocked vs Total

    Hello, why does adguard only blocks a few of all total ads that it finds?