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    [Resolved]UI translation fix

    I'm using the hebrew language but there are several places when the english and the hebrew are mixed up, and causing the sentences to be write backwards. for example: (on advanced settings) If you'll give me the translation file, i'll be able to fix it without changing the translation...
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    Helping banner, request

    Sometimes there are situations when people encounter certain problems at times of significant updates. As with the problem that the QUIC had to be disabled in order to allow Adguard to filter YouTube. Instead of people having to come and ask each time, you can let them know through this variable...
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    Adguard problems

    You released the version 7 officially. I updated it but it can't connecet to the internet, so there are no option for builds or filters updates anymore. That's why i uninstalled it and installed the latest 6.4 version. But the 6.4 version, does not filtering youtube anymore and there is no...
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    I already sent email to Adguard support and i will give you the content of that email. but i want to add that the first problem happening also on the 6.3 official latest release. For that kind of problem i think there wasn't any option on the report tool to report it so that why i emailed it to...
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    The site: Image: that site have a problematic ads that have been fixed, according to your github. but i'm still getting them. and my filters are up to date. you need to wait some...
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    I opened an issue on github about a similar site with the same problems so i didn't bother to open another one. you just need to fix the same problem on that other similar site ( github issue:
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    I opened a github Issue via Adguard assistant about that site. and after sometime the ads didn't appear. so i told him that he can close the issue. But now they came back again. You need to give to the site like 15 seconds before the ads appear...
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    Something With Adguard Assistant

    I've often come across websites where ads reappear after a while. And when you try to filter them with Adguard Assistant it is not helpful because after the page refresh the advertisement reappears. So my request is if you can find a solution to the issue even if it is in the form of a workaround.
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    [Resolved] Missed ads on the site:

    Windows 10 x64 Build 17134.1 Adguard latest version (not the BETA) Chrome Browser Settings as default + Easylist hebrew Example: The ads are on the sides. Cannot be filtered with the assistant. Another thing that i noticed (on...
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    Adguard assistant is not working on some pages

    That page for example: (+ some missed ads) The problem is that when you press on the assistant icon, it's not opening the assistant window. some of the pages on that site have that problem.
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    Adguard assistant options

    I'm requesting to add an option to filter ads that are appearing on a video streamings, before you can access it. (if it's possible somehow) For now when you trying to use the assistant on a video content, you can't filter the ads, without filtering the video himself (correct me if I'm wrong)...
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    I used the "the reporting tool" and they said on github: "Hi. Please try to enable Adguard's English filter(Easylist+our rules). We can't change Easylist." But it's already enabled. Now from my experience with that forum, you fixed things like that in the past for me, so i don't know why they...
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    Adguard for Windows Ver 6.2.437 Filters: (all applied) * User filter * English filter * EasyList Hebrew Extensions: * Adguard Asistent * Adguard pupup blocker * Web of trust (not applied) The Reporting Tool: One or more rules from the User filter causes the problem. Disable them, or contact...
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    Little Problem about the Beta Channel

    When you are enabling the Beta Channel and in a hurry you are disabling it, it cause a lot of times that thing : (and it's stuck like that until you'll do again the enable & disable the beta channel) And when it's like that, the adguard assistant...
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    About the advertisements on a video streamers

    1. You have on the assistant option to block regular Adds, when adguard is missing them! But you don't have this option for video streamers. and it's really annoying because we all can see that all the sites Are fighting the add blockers and if we don't have something like that, we need to be...
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    [*] - 2 adds before the streaming is starting

    For Example this page : On Chrome, Internet Explorer : There's a video streaming in there, and adguard doesn't filter the adds that coming before that the video is starting. And there's a popup when you trying to stop the video by pressing on the picture...
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    [*Resolved] AdGuard prevent video streamers from playing

    It's happening in this site, all over his articles pages
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    [Resolved] A lots of adds are not being filtered in

    see this page for example:,7340,L-4822245,00.html ============================================== =====================================
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    [Resolved] 2 Problems with site

    See this video and you'll see the two problems. (one with adguard enabled and one with adguard disabled) To succeed reproduce the problems again. For the first problem - (Two lines on the page) (i'm not sure if it related to adguard, but i tried it on a new virtual machine without adguard...
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    [Partially fixed] Problem with "Go to the site" response + More

    1. I know that Putloker9 it's a website with a poor reputation, but when i'm tring to press on the "Go to the site" Option in the Warning window, there's no response at all. (if you can't see it on the main page, try to enter one of the movies pages) 2. I disabled the "Web of trust" extension...