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    Adguard Assistant icon sometimes disappears

    I tried to use Adguard on a machine running Windows 7 Pro Sp1. I've found that sometimes the Adguard Assistant icon disappears from the bottom right corner of the visited websites irrespective of the browser you are using.. By restarting the system, everything will be normal. What can cause the...
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    Use of Adguard together with McAfee Webadvisor

    I've been using McAfee Webadvisor webextensions for a long time. I have good experience with it. My question: it is possible to use Adguard together with Webadvisor?
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    Adguard and Adguard web extension

    My question is simple.It is possible run together Adguard and Adguard web extension?
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    Change registered e-mail address

    How to change e-mail address registered to an account? I do not see this option.