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    AdGuard blocking stops when a link to a new page is clicked?

    Here's an odd one; sometimes if I'm on a page and it shows x number of ads/trackers blocked, when I click a link to a new page, the number displayed of how many items has been blocked disappears on the original page. It mainly happens on Youtube videos where a link in the description of the...
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    AdGuard suddenly not blocking ads when Firefox starts

    I think adguard updated to the newest version and now when I start Firefox, ads are not blocked. If I refresh the page, then it starts working. Also, the icon now takes a while to go from greyed out to green when Firefox starts, which I think is why it won't block ads at startup. ----------...
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    Does adguard block or remove ads in Firefox?

    The title says it all; I've seen a few people discussing this about the Chrome addon as the description says it blocks but doesn't actually remove the code for ads in the browser. How does Adguard do this for Firefox? Does it remove the code or simply blocks the visible ad, and how does...