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    Anti-Adblock. Thoughts about it

    Hi, recently I ran into a lot of problems while using Adguard. I've the Windows App and use it along with the browser extension in integration mode. Many sites detect Adguard, even if the browser extension is fully disabled as well as the extensions inside Adguard. "" for example won't...
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    Blocking encrypted YouTube ads is possible | @devs & users

    Hello everyone, This thread is mainly for those of you, how have a non-rooted android device and want to get rid of the YouTube Ads and of course for the developers of AdGuard. To the users: According to this (sticky) post, it is no longer possible to block ads in the YouTube app. That's true...
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    [*] - Video advertising [Windows]

    Direct Link: The screenshot is attached. There's a video advertising with auto-play before the actual video clip, as you can see on the screenshot. OS: Windows 7 Prof. 64-bit Products: Adguard for...
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    [*] - video advertising [Windows]

    Hi, on the above webpage, video advertising will always be shown before the actual video clips starts. Link (for example): Screenshot: Here's my list of selected filters: I...