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    Adguard adding text at bottom of browser, never happened before(nightly build).

    I use Norton 360. I tested the settings you mention, all possible combinations. They make no difference. As soon as I enable browsing security, the issue is back.
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    Adguard adding text at bottom of browser, never happened before(nightly build).

    Hello, I face the same issue with v7.3 (OS: Windows 10 built 1909). The issue persists even after disabling browsing security but the message changes to "waiting for". Webpages take a lot of time, sometimes more than one minute, to load. The bug is also present in...
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    Adguard and Zenmate for Windows cannot run alongside

    Hello, Windows 10, 1803, 64bit, Latest Adguard for desktop version and latest zenmate for windows version (6.3 but the issue isn't version specific). My issue concerns the desktop version of zenmate not the browser extensions. Adguard and zenmate cannot run alongside. If adguard is already...
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    Puffin browser unable to connect after adding it to filtered apps

    Hello, - Windows 10 Pro with all updates installed - Adguard version 6.3.1399.4073 Puffin browser works a bit differently: When I add the executable (puffin.exe) to the filtered apps, after a while puffin loses the connection to its cloud server and it is unable to reconnect, even I restart...
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    [resolved] - Flags of the teams aren't displayed

    Hello, the flags of the teams at the top of page at aren't displayed. With protection disabled: and after enabling protection: As always, please fix it and keep up the good work!
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    [resolved] Cannot download from

    With protection enabled isn't prossible to download software from ( to be exact). The download button isn't available: With protection enabled: and with protection disabled: Please fix it, is an important site. And make...
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    Firefox add-on web page blocked by AdGuard

    Thank you very much, it worked! Certification import should happen automatically and without flows though. Not everyone can easily spot Adguard as the cause of the problem. And the fixing is not obvious. Again, thank you.
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    Firefox add-on web page blocked by AdGuard

    This is urgent: Firefox v29.01 (latest) Windows 8.1 Update 1, 32 bit Latest version of Adguard with updated filters. Adguard blocks the Firefox add-ons web page (Firefox Menu --> Add-ons --> Get Add-ons: Normally Firefox allows users to add a security exception for web pages with invalid...