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    Android Bug in latest Nightly

    I use on android 10 the follwowing app and have disabled the filtering inside adguard but got the message that no ads videos are available if I have adguard enabled. If I disable adguard the videos are there and I can...
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    Ihre Lizenz läuft bald ab. Kauf vom 14.95 €

    first mistake ist that there is a dot after the four and not a "," that we use in Germany. I ask for the reason why because I got this message because 175 days are left :confused:
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    anyone test it with Windows 10 here?

    latest Build Release from MS and I think it does that I got the network protocol is missing error and cannot connect to the internet but not shure. I have now installed it again without adguard and the second day not the problem here. Anyone can confirm this?
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    connection error?

    I dont know what to do :( I have to write the support told me adguard.
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    more beta licence?

    I know that I have a pc and smartphone licence got from you for testing. Thank you for this. I want to know if you can add a device for my account that I can test on my table device too :confused:
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    why the Chrome addon?

    Do I need it if I have installed the Exe :confused:
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    German strings for Android and Browser Addon needed

    yes can I get them for translation or checking :confused:
  8. H,48384,3078599.html I see the ads as you can see on the picture attatched :confused:
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    Beta download url leaked I dont know if you like such things :confused:
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    Addons directly with describtion in AdGuard

    Yes will be nice to see them directly with a small describtion inside the guard and not looking for it on a different site or not :confused:
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    All in one update check

    at the moment we have 3 single options but do you think about a single button which I can check all 3 things :confused:
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    I cannot login into my bwin account. I got the message that my IP is blocked:confused:
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    Automatic update

    Can I set the intervall for it. Maybe 24h, 12h, every 1h and the first start and the internet connection. Or how othen will it be checked? I run the pc and dont get automatic that an update is ready. Only after I check the function manual.
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    Translation strings?

    Can I get them. Is there a tool installed where I can check the german translation complete :confused:
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    Do I need other filtering stuff?

    I came from admuncher and want to know if I have to use stuff like: ghostery and disconnect :confused: Or can I delete it because Adguard filtered it too :confused:
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    Wrong spelling

    Yes it is written "Abbrechen" and not without the missing letter "e" :cool: