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    Youtube Channel whitelist

    Adblock for Chrome introduced a new feature in version 2.6.33, which is a Youtube Channel Whitelist. The idea is pretty nice, as Youtube is a popular site which many users visit and therefore have their favorite 'Youtubers'. The only thing which is very difficult to decide is, allow ads on every...
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    AdGuard for Chrome open beta test

    Working good for me, but I wonder if you have plans to switch to declarativeWebRequest? Also I'm the kind of guy who is willing to use a whitelist, like the one from Adblock Plus. Those ads aren't annoying. I've looked at the source code, it looks pretty complicated to add 3rd party filters. Do...
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    Export/import for the whitelist It can be done, complicated though.
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    Export/import for the whitelist

    I have pretty many pages whitelisted. You should be able to export them as well. Also, the export is not working for the user filters. It opens the filters in a new tab, but if you save it, it contains just code (and script tags). A textbox for copy and pasting would be better I assume.