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  1. evilvibes

    Anti Virus Programs

    Is there any info on what Anti Virus programs are compatible with AdGuard Windows and Mac?. As i been seeing a lot of them are classing AdGuard as a AV and don't recommend using both at the same time. I do not consider AdGuard as a AV and didn't buy it for that. What do you classify AdGuard as?
  2. evilvibes

    Adguard Pro (Beta) iOS Widget

    When disabling Adguard with the lock screen widget you can not enable it again from with in the app unless you close the app and reopen or by enabling it again by the widget. Also just want to say the new Adguard Pro is so much better awesome work. Adguard Pro Version 2.0.0(124) iPhone 6...
  3. evilvibes

    iCloud Sync

    It would be nice if you could sync your settings and filters to iCloud this way when you change something on let's say your MacBook it will sync with your iMac also and change the settings or filters on it to make them the same as your MacBook. This could also be used for backing up your...
  4. evilvibes is dead is gone and not being maintained by jedisct1 ( The people at said they will take it over ( Lets see what the future has for dnscrypt.