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    [Resolved] (adguard detected) (Windows Chrome)

    @Adam I thank you. I added that rule and was able to view the article without hinderance after a Ctrl + F5. Disabling the rule required me to go back and enable and Ctrl + F5 again. I do not see a filter called Annoyances to filter.
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    [Resolved] (adguard detected) (Windows Chrome) Or: Detects adblocking and won't let one move on without allowing adds...
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    Just Moved from Competitor (AdGuard vs Ad Muncher)

    After reading this thread linked from the AM forums, and doing some research on AG I very sadly said goodbye to AM. I have been with them for at least 10 years and maybe longer with multiple lifetime licenses. I had preached to everyone for many years how nice their program was. It is...