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  1. dja2k

    Something is broken within new built

    I ran the update yesterday to version 7.5 beta 1 and broke my Windows Insider Program. I think it has to do with the new features to block Windows Tracking. I think they are enabled even though you don't have it clicked.
  2. dja2k

    Sudden Problems Updating Adguard

    What changed in the update process that it always hangs on me now. Windows Defender is even flagging the tmp file as a surface attack.
  3. dja2k

    Adguard Apps and Ads Missed

    I don't remember exactly but didn't Adguard used to block ads inside Android apps like the one below in IMDb? I am seeing more ads inside random apps now for some reason. Thanks
  4. dja2k

    Adguard & Firefox SSL Problem

    I started to see "Your connection is not secure" in Firefox with random valid websites like &, etc. I checked and its the Adguard Certificate problem, yet they are installed correctly. I can access the sites in Edge, but not Firefox. I am running ESET and have disabled...
  5. dja2k

    Adguard and VPN

    I just setup a VPN client on my computer and was wondering if I need to configure Adguard in any way or will it work like normal in browsers, etc.? Thanks!
  6. dja2k

    Question about DNS Settings

    I have a question on DNS Settings on Android. Just started to use this set to DNSCrypt server, but was wondering is this effective also when running on 4G LTE not just Wifi? Thanks!
  7. dja2k

    AdGuard on Android & Samsung Browser

    I found a weird bug today when visiting this website in mobile view. With Adguard filtering enabled, I still see the video ad shown in attachment #1. I added Adguard extension to Samsung Browser and enabled it. What I found out is that with the extension...
  8. dja2k

    XDA Website doesn't play nice with AdGuard

    Adguard Desktop I don't know since when, but after the browser popup changed design, Adguard doesn't remember my decision to "NOT BLOCK" this website. For example, is problematic because with Adguard filtering, I can't log in or stay logged in to the website...