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    How do I join the beta for adguard?

    Your traffic will be filtered on your device and won’t be sent to some remote VPN server. Adguard for Android beta test: Adguard for Windows beta test...
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    [Resolved] 15 Missed Ads

    Try this:[class^="reklam-"]
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    [Resolved] - Missed Ad

    Try this:
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    [Resolved] - Missed Ad

    I think something is wrong with your browser :D Those rules works for me.
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    [Resolved] 15 Missed Ads

    ##div[id^="reklam_"],,,,,,,,,,,$#body { background:#000...
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    [Resolved] - Missed Ad

    Can you test in incognito mode (Gizli pencere) and see if the issue is still present there? Go to chrome://extensions/ page and tick `Gizli modda izin ver` for Adguard and untick for the rest of the extensions.
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    [Resolved] - Missed Ad

    Try these:[id^="eng_sw_3_"][id^="eng_sw_4_"][id^="eng_sw_5_"][id^="eng_brnd_"]
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    [Resolved] - Missed Ads
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    [Resolved] - Missed Ads

    Try without protocol: || ||
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    [Resolved] - Missed Ads
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    [Resolved] - Missed Ads[href^="/?go="][href="/egitim-pdf"]
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    [Resolved] Missing Ads

    It doesn't show up if you are not in Turkey. (IP) <script type="text/javascript"> //var advertorialEnabledMain = true; if (ClientCountryCode != "TR" || /ip(hone|od|ad)|blackberry|android|windows...
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    [Resolved] Some unblcoked Ads on -

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    [Resolved] Missing Ads

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    [Resolved] - Missed Ad[class^="rklm"]
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    [Resolved] - Missed Ad[href^=""]
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    [resolved] Extratorrent

    It was inline script, near the bottom of the page. Escaped code: <script type="text/javascript">var...
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    [resolved] Extratorrent

    Try this. ||
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    which features/modules do submit my surfing habits?

    From Privacy Policy (
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    How to whitelist a particular website?

    Try this: #%#window.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function(){ $('.ob_container.item-container-obpd').attr("style", "display: block !important"); });