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    AdGuard Beta cannot install

    I had this problem recently when I had AdGuard installed on Windows 10 Build 10547, updated to Windows 10 Build 10565 and uninstalled it during the course of troubleshooting my security suite, and then reverted back to 10547. Windows thought AdGuard was installed, but it really wasn't. My...
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    AdGuard: Is it REALLY blocking as many ads as it claims?

    You have to consider that most free apps have banner ads along the bottom or top of the screen & ads rotate every 5 to 10 seconds. That means if you have an app open just three minutes that's 18 to 36 ads just in the small amount of time that app is opened. Also, when you hit the back button to...
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    [AdGuard for Windows] Beta version

    I should have figured as much. Well, the bandwidth is so small, maybe just update them and put a little "Updated" tag next to them so people who have them disabled because of a bug/lack of features will know a new version is out that may address their complaint?
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    Android TV

    Before I go off experimenting, I thought maybe I better ask in case someone already knows. Has anyone tried installing AdGuard on an Android TV device like the Google Nexus Player?
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    Just Moved from Competitor (AdGuard vs Ad Muncher)

    I was a paid Ad Muncher user for many, many years. Putting aside Ad Muncher itself and Murray, Jeff was a stellar talent when it came to creating filters. You can look through the Ad Muncher forum & it's filled with the magic he was able to perform blocking ads. AdGuard would be made better by...
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    [AdGuard for Windows] Beta version

    I've noticed that some people disable an extension/userscript because they only use it part-time or it causes some sort of undesired behavior when it is enabled. Maybe you could check for updates of these disabled items and instead of updating and displaying "Version number from date and time"...
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    [AdGuard for Windows] Beta version

    Speaking of compatibility 'issues', Agnitum has released v9.2 of their security suite and while their beta would install without complaints if AdGuard was installed, the release version complains & refuses to install if it detects AdGuard on the system. Someone from the AdGuard team may wish to...
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    ComicRack Web Site Blocked/Blank

    That was in my first reply to you. I switched off the WFP driver and now everything is fine. I'm sure it'll be fixed for AdGuard v6. I'm not worried.
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    ComicRack Web Site Blocked/Blank

    Well, I'm not too worried about it because Windows 10 has just become final so there's bound to be incompatibilities, but to answer your questions: 1. AdGuard 5.10.2051.6368 2. Windows 10 Pro...downloaded the ISO with the Media Creation Tool...clean install of Windows. 3. Antivirus is...
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    ComicRack Web Site Blocked/Blank

    Hi, Alex. The web site was loading a blank page earlier today. It's loading fine now. The only change I made was disabled the WFP network driver as it was causing a crash in Windows 10. There were no filter updates between then and now. Thanks for taking the time to respond. It's appreciated.
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    ComicRack Web Site Blocked/Blank Disabling AdGuard allows it to show up. Using latest version of Pale Moon. Used to work fine up till a few days ago...probably just a filter rule needs tweaking.
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    How to block blocked pop-up pop-ups?

    I should have listed everything in my first post. Sorry for that. I'm using Pale Moon x86 25.4.1. I'm not using NoScript. JavaScript is enabled. Looking over my list of extensions, it doesn't appear anything stands out that would be interfering. I do have Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium's...
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    How to block blocked pop-up pop-ups?

    No, that's not it. That setting is already unchecked. Attached is a screenshot of what I am talking about. That looks like a blocked popup and not a malicious web site to me.
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    How to block blocked pop-up pop-ups?

    Surfing on a lot of web sites I will get a pop-up with a big red box stating that a pop-up has been blocked by AdGuard. Is there a way to suppress these notifications? In my mind getting a pop-up stating that a pop-up is blocked is still a pop-up I'd rather not see. I suppose what I'm asking for...
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    Minor cosmetic issue

    Out of curiosity I just checked my stats and I also see web-page instead of web-pages.