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    AdGuard slowing down Firefox and Internet Explorer 11

    I have recently been having extremely slow browsing in both Firefox and IE 11. I checked my speed and it is consistently running above 100Mbs. Most sites will take a long time to load or just freeze. I shut down Malwarebytes and my virus protection and still no luck. I then shut down Adguard and...
  2. J

    Cant update license or browse site.

    Hi avatar, Thank you for your reply. I got it going. Think it was just internet congestion. Thanks again for a great product. Wish more people knew about it! Jason149
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    Cant update license or browse site.

    Finally made it to the purchase new key page, but continue button at bottom isn't working so I can't get past the first step.
  4. J

    Cant update license or browse site.

    Hello, Been a year now! and I want to get a new license, but am finding that it keeps giving me an error. I also cannot even connect to nor can a friend. Is there site maintenance being done, site hijacked etc? Thanks Jason
  5. J

    So far...fantastic!

    Just wanted to say hello and thanks for such a great product that works well. I watch a lot of Youtube videos and its nice not having to watch all the silly ads beforehand. So... glad to be a part of the Adguard community and thanks again! ;)