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  1. pablozi

    AdGuard for Microsoft Edge

    Hi, Any news regarding Edge extension? Thank you in advance.
  2. pablozi

    Filters update problem

    On my side is also everything OK now.
  3. pablozi

    Filters update problem

    Hi, My Adguard states that the filters were updated 13 hours ago and while I am trying to update them manually i get an error. My internet connection is up and running.
  4. pablozi

    How to stay always on

    Hi, Is there any method to protect Adguard process for being manually "killed" on Android device? Thank you in advance.
  5. pablozi

    Doubled extensions in latest beta

    Hi, Why the extensions are dubled in the latest beta (
  6. pablozi

    Now i have a strange feeling that it could be caused by IDM extension in Chrome... I'll check it and let you guys know.
  7. pablozi

    Hello Since yesterday I have a strange problem - I do recieve info about blocked connection with while visiting different websites (mostly FB). Can someone confirm similar behavior of Adguard for Windows?
  8. pablozi


    Can Adguard expose us to FREAK attack? In fact AG is intercepting TLS connection and tests made by Safegroup members shows that Google Chrome with AG enabled is vurnerable but when HTTPS filtering was disabled browser was safe. Can devs say something more about this...
  9. pablozi

    Tray icon right click menu issues

    Seems like the problem appears only on Windows 8.1. Can someone confirm that?
  10. pablozi

    Tray icon right click menu issues

    I have found possible bug in the latest beta 5.10.1128.5771 While hover over update section the highlight of the options isn't complete but shows only frame: It looks exactly the same in Settings and Adguard Assistant. It is weird because in other sections it looks OK: Would be also nice...
  11. pablozi


    Say nothing about Poland please... This team is worthless. And i know what i am saying - i'm Polish :D
  12. pablozi

    AdGuard 5.9 beta release

    No problems at all when domain is added to exceptions.
  13. pablozi

    AdGuard 5.9 beta release

    Hello I have a strange issue with AdGuard (stable and beta) on website (Dutch bank). After logging in to my bank account i cannot see accounts list - website needs to be refreshed then they appear. And second thing on the same website - I cannot log out with AdGuard enabled. When...