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    [Solved] Youtube+ (Youtube Plus) stopped working

    I didn't notice exactly when, but recently Youtube+ extension through AG stopped working. I've tried reinstalling but that didn't help. It works if I enable it on GreaseMonkey.
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    EV certificates https filtering in integration mode

    Hi, When using the FF add-on in "integration mode" and EV certificates https filtering is set to disabled in the main AG app (checkbox is marked), the add-on "kicks in" and filters the site. Not sure if this is a bug Win 7 x64 FF 51.0.1 x86 AG Add-on 2.5.11 PS Happens on...
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    Export list of subscribed filters

    Can be useful for debugging or as a backup for future installs.
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    [*] Sometimes ads at top of pages. Sometimes ads are blocked but the placeholder remains (Grey/White space). Sometimes ads & placeholder blocked. Windows 7 x64 FF 50.1 x86 AG Thanks
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    Hi, Ads appear at the top of pages, disappear and then reappear and so on. Plus, the pages react slowly sometimes. The whole window stops responding or the scrolling is not smooth. Win 7 x64 AG FF 50.1.0 x86 It's been going on for a while now, so I've used uBlock Origin, which...
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    [Resolved] join Facebook nag

    Hi, When I open a Facebook page I get a banner (sometimes on the bottom, sometimes fullscreen) to join or log in to Facebook. I've tried using the element blocking tool, but the element keeps changing. It's usually:* (* - random number or letter or both)
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    Where can I download older versions of AdGuard?

    like 1186 or 1190? or any other for that matter?