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    Internet Download Manager (IDM) Conflict

    [Windows 10] Internet Download Manager (IDM) Conflict Windows 10 Pro (x64) Chrome 45.x (x64) Adguard 6 Latest Beta To make long story short: After realize that Adguard 5.10 was a bit laggy on Windows 10, I went to latest V6 beta; Much better than V5 in terms of stability...
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    [Resolved] Systray Icon Missing

    I´ve been using the latest version of adguard for some time, but suddenly tray icon does not show anymore when I start the windows. Executing Adguard through desktop shortcut makes the green badge icon show again, but on system restart it does not show. Besides the icon show not showing, the...
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    Just Moved from Competitor (AdGuard vs Ad Muncher)

    Hello all! I just bought a premium license of Adguard on a move from Ad Muncher. I just would like to tell anyone interested that I was using Admuncher for last 3 years and during this time, I haven´t seen any updates or bug fixing on that app. The last drop of water was the Windows 8.1 that...