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    I do not see image but yes sound. in FB live see both imge and sound
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    [Resolved] this site does not show TV program of radio broadcasting site
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    [Resolved] [NSFW] this ad scapes to adguard adblocker extension
  4. J - adblocker detection

    site: in my case was at
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    I can not see the butons to upload screenshot here

    when I try to upload a screenshot to a new thred I can not do it because the butons are not shown... I click in Insert image>in the pop up I select From computer and the butons are not shown I use win7 yandex browser I made 2 videos to show that: short: and large...
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    [Resolved] new banner at

    this banner is new, could you add to the filter? I block it using this: > A:last-child > IMG site:
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    [Resolved]I know what it is happenning with the ad that you can not see and I can see

    you always and I sometimes don't see the ad, but I sometimes see the ad... I discovered what is happening if my PC is identify like russian PC the ad is not shown, but if I identify like Argentinian PC I see the ad. yandex can or not can resize the pics if you want. resize pics is using turbo...
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    [Resolved] a new baner scapes of adguard

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    a mistake in the page of confirm of succes of install adguard

    there is a word that is misspelled (see the screenshot below) conosidos with s but the right word in spanish is conocidos.
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    are there filters for these pieces? note .com and > P:last-child > A > IMG > P:last-child > A > IMG
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    [Resolved] ads in

    Adguard blocks ads in the site but there is new ad that escapes from adguard. about this new ad, these rules was added by adguard in my user filter: > DIV.hreview-aggregate > DIV:first-child > DIV.zeti-container:nth-child(3) >...
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    I´d like to get zip file for use in new chromium based browser vivaldi

    If adguard puts the zip file next on chrome extension page I could dowload zipfile for install adguard in beta vivaldi browser. I could use it unzipped in vivaldi/extension in dev mode. thanks