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  1. NeoBeum

    Adguard - Creating Exceptions for Apps / Whitelist Apps or Programs

    Is there a way to whitelist certain programs or apps, so that the adguard service doesn't try to access the process or program? Adding this in Settings does not appear to do anything:
  2. NeoBeum

    AdGuard triggers ESET HIPS

    yeah, I've added both the exe and service to exclusions for hips as well as scanning I'll grab the logs next time I'm on
  3. NeoBeum

    AdGuard triggers ESET HIPS

    Hello, I'm trying to find what's causing my network connection to drop out intermittently - and I'm just following up all the log files I'm collecting on my computer to eliminate programs from the list: Would this be anything related? or could cause ESET to disconnect connections in Firewall...
  4. NeoBeum

    Settings option for 'Exclusions' and extend exclusion list to include Executable files/Programs

    Hello, I just wanted to ask to have a feature to include "Exclusions" as a selectable menu option in settings for ease of access, and to include the option to have Adguard exclude executables/programs from filtering services.