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  1. rosenkrieger

    How to get rid of Microsoft Edge Ad in Chrome?

    I like Chrome and I will not use Microsoft Edge. However when I visit Microsoft Sites using Chrome Microsoft decides to constantly push their "Hey wanna try Microsoft Edge" Ad in my face. How do I get rid of this?
  2. rosenkrieger


    Anti-AdBlock Wall: powered by Admiral
  3. rosenkrieger

    [Resolved] (vrp.outbrain)

    Is there a way to stop this vrp.outbrain from loading. I do get alot of vpr.outbrain block notices from AdGuard (Windows) on quiet a few sites like and
  4. rosenkrieger

    Whitelist & Setting Sync

    I would like to see some kind of sync if you use Adguard on macOS and Android (Dropbox, Google Drive etc) for the whitelists so I do not have to edit them individually but have them synced across all Adguard Installs of mine.