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  1. GollyJer

    User Filters don't show up in Filter Log?

    Hi. I'm trying to debug a User Filter and just realized I'm not seeing them logged (even the ones that work) in the Filter Log. Just me? bug? Expected behavior? Thanks, Jeremy
  2. GollyJer

    Ability to report broken sites from Assistant?

    It would be great to be able to click the Assistant button and select something like "Report Broken Site" and then a dialog box pops up for me to type in what's broken, click a 'Report to AdGuard' button, and you guys are made aware of the issue. Or, am I missing an easy way to do this already?
  3. GollyJer

    AdGuard breaks Firefox's native "Share this Page" feature

    Share this Page in Firefox, as described here: doesn't work with Adguard enabled. I've tried disabling the Social filters but it didn't help the issue. The easiest Share connector to try that will cause the problem...
  4. GollyJer

    Problem installing style from

    I added a style to with the specific intent to use it as a path to get the code into Adguard through the extensions import. I've installed other UserStyles this way, but when I try to install my own I get this message... Did I do something wrong in the script code? GollyJer's...
  5. GollyJer

    Is an Ad Blocker > Filter or an Extension better when both are available?

    As an example, I'm looking at Anti-adblock Killer. It's on GreasyFork so it can be added as an Extension in Adguard. It's also found under the Add Filter button in the Adguard Ad Blocker section. There are two parts to this question... 1) Which would get updates quicker? 2) Which requires...