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    Нужна ли функция "Добавить в чёрный список"?

    Интересно ваше мнение. Собственно нужна ли функция "Добавить в чёрный список". На главной странице внизу будет тогда 4 вкладки: "сообщить о рекламе", "сообщить о фишинге", "добавить исключение", "добавить в чёрный список".
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    Uninstalling the program

    Please, uninstall adGuard correctly: "Control panel" - "Add/Remove program". Don't try to remove it by all sorts of SuperPuperUninstallerProTool. Most of these programs cann't properly track changes in the system, and remove it completely. You may disrupt the Internet. Our installer is...
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    False positives, filtering errors.

    Write the page-link, where adGuard deleted useful content. Screenshots are welcome.
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    Missed advertising

    Place the page link, where adGuard didn't get rid of ads. Screenshots are welcome.
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    Versions of the program. From first to last releases.

    We will post information about new Adguard releases in this topic.
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    Proposals for the development

    Wishlist. Your ideas and suggestions for future versions of the program.