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  1. Chinaski

    Odd Permission from firewall regarding Adguard

    @786X Hello there! TCPKill is Used to break browser connections established before AdGuard protection is enabled to be sure that all new requests will be filtered. Therefore, you need to allow access to AdGuard.
  2. Chinaski

    AdGuard for Safari stops responding when switching users; also possibly locking up my system when sleeping

    @Lifeisabeach Hello! Looks like you faced that issue. The developer is already aware of this problem and I think they will solve it in the next releases
  3. Chinaski

    New internet provider + losing connection

    Okay, then switch the logging level to debug. Reproduce your issue Export the log files and sent them to PM.
  4. Chinaski

    Не блокирует рекламу в браузере Opera

    @Finorion Когда вы включаете расширение в режиме интеграции, ваш экстеншен начинает выполнять функции помощника AdGuard. Поэтому когда вы отключаете его, вы отключаете и фильтрацию указанной страницы.
  5. Chinaski

    AdGuard с сайта или extension для safari?

    @PavelDemyanov Нагрузку процессора вы сами можете проверить в Активити мониторе, но в любом случае я бы посоветовал использовать приложение AdGuard for MAC. Там функционал более широкий, есть возможность настроить приватность, использовать расширения, заблокировать рекламу в других...
  6. Chinaski

    AdGuard settings window opens every time the computer is started

    Павел, мы исправили данную проблему. В следующем релизе выйдет фикс :)
  7. Chinaski

    New internet provider + losing connection

    In some cases, the Kaspersky anti-virus may interfere with the correct operation of the AdGuard application. Therefore you need to exclude this application from filtering.
  8. Chinaski

    New internet provider + losing connection

    Try to switch on Filter localhost in advanced settings. Also, you need to add AdGuard to exclusion in Kaspersky settings.
  9. Chinaski

    New internet provider + losing connection

    Hello Toto! Please specify in all browsers this problem is reproduced? Do you use antivirus software or a VPN?
  10. Chinaski


    Приветствую, Скорпио. Обратите внимание на скриншот, тут представлен ряд примеров User-Agent :)
  11. Chinaski

    How to add Android device

    @Steven Shank Hello, Steven! Try to use this instruction :) Hope you manage to solve your activation issue.
  12. Chinaski

    Pro beta?

    Oh...sure :) Here you can fill out your application.
  13. Chinaski

    AdGuard settings window opens every time the computer is started

    Добрый день, эту галочку пробовали отключить?
  14. Chinaski

    YouTube ads getting through on Chrome in Android Pie

    @beev I am glad to hear that you solve your issue. :) Please specify, did you try to switch on Adguard autostart in General settings?
  15. Chinaski

    Catalina os

    @cjmc Hello there! Try to install that version. Don't forget to report the result :)
  16. Chinaski

    need help about v2ray

    @unrarc Hello there! The Android operating system does not allow you to start 2 VPNs immediately. Therefore, you need to enable AdGuard in HTTP proxy mode. Here is the instruction.
  17. Chinaski

    Pro beta?

    @LRE Hello! I do not quite understand your question. Do you want to be in beta testing or want to know if we plan to update the beta version for AdGuardPRO?
  18. Chinaski


    @Finds Здравствуйте! Мы удалили этот сайт из черного списка.
  19. Chinaski


    Hello! We removed this website from the blacklist. Clean browser cache and check again, please.
  20. Chinaski

    What causes Adguard to block my internet connection?

    Okay, thanks I transferred the log files to the developers. Now we will wait for their recommendation :)