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    Recent versions of this app contains a Trojan Dropper which had been reported by Kaspaersky and confirmed by Google and has since been banned from the Google Play store as a result. Evidence Found here...
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    Based on my own personal review, it has been my understanding that although this website is dedicating tdoss/ddos/call flooding tools to shutting down scammers; that, it has fallen into the wrong hands before and last year in July of 2018, the real Microsoft was under attack by this particular...
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    [Resolved] Tech Support Scam Domains
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    This is a known fraudulent tech support website, where the agents are enagaged in obtaining personal data about the victim, such as their passwords and 2 step verification codes (generally when a customer calls about being locked out of their Outlook account). This is actually against...
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    [Solved] / Comodo

    Hello, It seems that one of Comodo's websites: is blocked. I personally called Comodo myself to ensure that this domain does belong to them, and they have confirmed that it does. Thanks.