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  1. JohnK


    This happened just recently, the site display fine with Adguard turned off, but looks weird with it on. Sorry if its the wrong place for this kind of post
  2. JohnK

    [Resolved] Adblock detection

    Any solution for this one?
  3. JohnK


    Can someone please provide a filter for this one, please
  4. JohnK - adblock detection

    Got another one :-)
  5. JohnK

    [Resolved] Adblock detection on site

    Hi. Can anybody help me remove the adblock detection on this site? If I use the "block element" in Adguard menu, and choose an element and make it bigger, the nag screen disappear, but coms back the next time i visit the site How do I do this myself for future use on...
  6. JohnK

    [Resolved] What to do on this site How do I block this nag screen, I dont get the option of activate AG Assistant and maybe get the possibility to block it, it takes over the whole screen
  7. JohnK

    [Resolved] Help on this site

    Hi, is there a custom rule for this site? Its a adblocker detector Thanks
  8. JohnK

    [Resolved] How to remove this Adblock annoyance

    Hi When I go to this siteå-flygtningekontoen I get an popup that tries to make me shut down AdGuard, is there a way to make a costume rule to block it? I have subscribed to all filteres that should take care of this problem, bit...
  9. JohnK

    How to stop "suggested post" on Facebook

    Hi How do I make this entry in Adguard user filterlist, any suggestions? This is the only place that Adblock is better than Adguard, from my point of view :-) Thanks
  10. JohnK

    Blocked forum

    Hi I just discovered that I can't use the forum "Nationen" on this site here: I installed Adblock and found out that it is because of this blocking: I cant find a way to whitelist this one blocking and only on this one...
  11. JohnK

    [MAC] Don't filter LAN

    I really like this program and have been waiting for it for a long time, is there any chance to make a filter that exclude Ad filtering on LAN, or will that feature come in the finale release ? The reason I ask this, is that when I access things like my router, Accesspoint and NAS, Safari is...