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    Chrome keeps locking up with Adguard

    Hi for the past two weeks Chrome has been locking up on my PC as well as some friends who also have Adguard installed . If we remove Chrome from filtered apps and disable Adguard, all is well . For example . Pages load then freeze for a few seconds , you cannot click on anything , you just...
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    AdGuard blocking making Ebay Selling difficult

    Hello Have not had to post for quite some time , which is a good sign . :) But for a while now i have had difficulty in completing my ebay listings as Adguard is affecting the selling page. I have tried with Adguard disabled and it is fine . I am using Windows 7 64bit and I.E 11 . I have...
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    AdGuard Breaking Ebay Listings

    Hi today Adguard is blocking the descriptions on all my ebay listings , if I open one of my listings , all of the description and inserted photos are hidden ! If I disable Adguard its fine again . Hope you can fix it soon .. Adguard seems to be breaking a lot of websites the last few...
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    After android update ... AdGuard wont stay on !

    Hello I had a small update last night on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 , not sure what it was but it was a Lollipop system update of some sort because my tablet rebooted to update and then optimise apps . Now Adguard keeps disabling itself . Should I uninstall Adguard and re-install ? Thank you.
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    Disabling AdGuard causes VPN to disconnect .

    Hello Using Adguard on Windows 7 64bit with I.E. 11 and Torguard VPN . not a huge issue , but if I disable Adguard for any reason a website , when my VPN is connected , it auto disconnects my VPN ! is there a work around ? Thanks
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    Ebay app problem with AdGuard

    Hello For some reason Adguard is affecting my eBay app and makes it very very slow with frequent spinning circles instead of loading . I am using the very latest Adguard 2.1.255 and Ebay version 3.0.099 . Turning off filter apps makes no difference and I have to disable Adguard...
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    MobilityWare Solitaire issue

    Hi Using VPN mode and blocking app ads enabled , daily play challenges will not load unless I disable ad blocking for this app in firewall settings , is there a work around ? Or s this the best way , even though I get all the ads. Thank you
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    Version 2 .0.60 problems remain

    Hello I had hopes that the "no connection" issues on Samsung tablets might be fixed with this new version in manual proxy mode , but Google Playstore still does it when it's opened , I have to refresh constantly to get rid of the "no connection " errors . Using 8080 . It's...
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    Lollipop and AdGuard still requires permission

    Hi a few months back I was told on this forum that when my device got lolipop , adguard would no longer need permission on every boot . Well it does still need me to verify on every restart . What a disappointment.
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    Manual Proxy Issues with apps.

    Hello Running Adguard on PC ... great ;) Running Adguard on Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 ... not so great . Because my tablet is new I don't want to root it like I did wih my old one , and I also use a VPN service ( Private Internet Access) on my Tablet to , so I have to use the manual...
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    AdGuard - first ever appcrash .

    Hello today when I booted up windows 7 64bit a box popped up about Adguard ... was an appcrash . Version 5.10.2010 . I checked for updates and there was a new one today so will see how that goes ... never seen that error before . :(
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    AdGuard 5.10.2010.6262 Problems

    Hello While I have no problems with the older versions of Adguard ( which I paid for - lifetime ) The latest version makes my Internet Explorer 11 lock up completely to the point I have to close and open it due to it not responding. Go back to the old version and its fine, so something...
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    Latest AdGuard causing IE11 to hang .

    Hello Been using Adguard for a while now and have had no issues , but after updating to 5.10.1190.6188 , IE 11 has been slow to load some pages and even crashes sometimes and has to restart. If Adguard is disabled, everything is fine again . Running Norton Internet security , but always...
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    AdGuard and Norton Issue

    Hi, Norton Internet Security keeps reporting this , is it ok ?
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    Any way to stop Proxy headers May be ?

    Hello When connected through my VPN and with Adguard enabled I get the following at Proxy Headers - May Be ... See attached screen grab . Is there any way to prevent it, or is it nothing to worry about as long as the IP and DNS results are all good ? Which...
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    AdGuard Causes P.I.A VPN Kill Switch to Fail

    Hello I use Privateinternetaccess VPN as I travel a lot and also like the added security it brings . But I cannot use Adguard with it at all because once installed Adguard causes the PIA Kill Switch to fail completely ! The Kill switch in the VPN software is there to prevent your own...