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    Problem on Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G (blocking all data)

    Adguard seem to stop all data at random times to me (maybe its when it disconnect from wifi, or reconnect but I haven't monitored it enough to notice). Either way, it wasn't like that on my previous phone. This new phone is on OneUI 2.5 I've changed DNS servers on Adguard to Adguard's own...
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    [*] [android] Facebook's Pages Manager

    Hey, I am not sure if this is a rules issue or not. Anyone of you use pages manager by Facebook? It manages your business pages on Facebook. So the issue is I have not been receiving messages via the app reliably. Then I noticed all the messages come in at once when my phone changes connection...
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    [Android] AdGuard blocking Lazada app

    I use Lazada to do online shopping - it blocks the whole app where I can't load any products. The app kept asking me to "tap to retry". I think Adguard is possibly blocking the whole domain but I'm not sure. When I disable Adguard, the app works. Thanks.