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    [-] - Anti-adblock [windows]

    Url eg. : Shows anti-adblock preventing from reading article.
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    I am getting BSOD with SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION (Netio.SYS) since updating to I am on Windows 10 build 14251
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    [Resolved] - anti adblocker
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    [Resolved] tracking problem Adguard blocks courier tracking Fpr eg track this consignment number "M25444762" and it gets blocked.
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    Check for Updates directly from tray menu

    An option to check for updates from tray icon rather than check from about. I took sometime figure it out.. where to check program updates.
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    [Resolved] "Hide your referrer from third parties" blocks google captcha? In this page stealth mode > misc > "Hide your referrer from third parties" blocks google captcha On
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    Zemana Antimalware detected adware : AdGuard sys file?

    Zemana Antimalware detected adware. Adguard sys file?
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    Ads in yahoo messenger

    Is there a way to block ads in yahoo messenger?
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    Whenever I make a transaction using my visa debit card, it redirects to for OTP verification and that page gets blocked and interrupts my transaction. I have to turn off an resend.
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    For me when adguard is on, these pages doesn't load as it should load. The form doesn't load. On adding exception it loads. With Filters on : user, english, experimental, spyware Without fileters on On firefox 36...
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    AdGuard stopped functioning

    Adguard was working alright and I had updated to latest beta version and it stopped its functions. The protection is enabled and all settings are active but adguard assistant is not showing up in any browsers or adguard is counting traffic. I again uninstalled and reinstalled adguard like I...
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    AdGuard Protection not functioning and AdGuard assistant not active

    I had installed adguard after a fresh installation of OS and then installed Firefox latest stable version 36.0 But I was facing the issue of https being forced on all sites. I followed the solution here...