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    Cloudflare and AdGuard Home

    Awhile back I remember reading about an issue where Cloudflare and AdGuard Home didn't play well together, and that is what caused AdGuard Home to switch from to as the default DNS provider. Has this issue been resolved since? Am I able to use the Cloudflare DNS addresses...
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    [Resvoled]AdGuard Home v.0.100

    Couple of questions on the new AGH release. 1.) I can't find the release notes, pretty sure I have seen them before...where can I locate them? 2.) Why did AGH change the default DNS from Cloudflare to Quad9? I know I can set whatever I want, but I noticed with this release that you are no...
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    Dive into blocked domains

    This isn't really for Adguard for Mac, rather for AdGuardHome. First off, it would be nice to have a forum for AGH along with the ones that are currently in the forums as I seem to have more questions regarding AGH instead of my locally installed software. Secondly, looking at the AGH...
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    REGEX nomenclature in AGH

    I have a list of REGEX filters that I used with my pihole that I would like to add into my AGH. When I put them into AGH can I just put in ^adtrack(er|ing)?[0-9]*[-.] or do I need to preface it with /REGEX/^adtrack(er|ing)?[0-9]*[-.] Thanks,
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    I currently use NordVPN, and I am setting up AdGuard on my iPhone. I see that I have the option to use a split tunnel setup that allows both Nord and AdGuard. My question is does the AdGuard VPN offer the same features as a tradition VPN? Does the AG VPN secure my traffic so that if it is...
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    Adguard Mac alongside AdGuardHome

    I have AdGuardHome running on a raspberry pi as my home network DNS server, so everything connected to my home wifi is protected by that device. I am curious however, if I install AG on my personal Mac if there will be any issues with the two systems fighting each other? If I have AGH on my...