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  1. tico

    [Resolved] Opera "My Flow" problem

    Hi, With Adguard (for Windows) launched, i don't have the possibility to use the Flow Option in the Opera web browser. I can't use the QRcode system, and if I deactivate temporarily Adguard, well.. it will work for a short time until i relaunch Adguard Do you know that's the filtering option to...
  2. tico

    An antivirus to recommend?

    Currently, i use Bitdefender Total Security 2018 with Windows 10. My 3-year license expires soon so, before going back for three more years, I was wondering if you had a preferred antivirus solution in your team, and for your application. Thanks in advance for your recommendations :)
  3. tico

    Cent Brower /No link between AdGuard Windows and v.2.5.8

    Hello, With the last version of Adguard extension of my Chrome browser (last verison of Cent brower), it seems that the extension is not "controled" by my windows version of Adguard (v. There is something to do ?