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    Adguard for Chromebooks?

    With the Google Play store now available on most current Chromebooks, is it possible for Adguard to be updated to support them, including proper integration with the Chrome browser and its related extension? I'd like to use the app but not have to rely on a third-party browser to get the full...
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    EasyPrivacy filter causing issues with eBay

    If I have the EasyPrivacy filter enabled, clicking on a link either through email or on eBay's site that redirects through causes the black screen you see in the attached image. Maybe using this filter isn't really necessary, but this is a heads up for anyone who might be using it.
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    Ads not getting blocked on With the Adguard extension enabled, none of the ads on this site are being blocked. Any suggestions on rules to add to try and get around this? Edit: I saw the sticky at the top of the page...
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    Adblocker detected on

    Looks like some sub-sections of have implemented an anti-adblock script. I'm getting the message shown on the attached screenshot with the Adguard extension enabled on my Chromebook and Chrome browser on a MacBook Pro. Disabling Adguard lets the page render correctly. Is there a rule I...
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    Getting "threat blocked" popup when using PayPal

    Using the current Adguard for Windows and Chrome browser extension, I keep getting the "threat blocked" pop up as seen in the included screenshot. This particular "threat" only occurs on PayPal. I always type the site into my browser - I never click on links even in emails that I know are from...
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    Can AdGuard block Amazon ads on new Fire phones?

    Amazon recently released a couple new, low-cost smartphones. One of them shows ads on the lock and notification screens in exchange for a lower cost to purchase. Is it possible for Adguard to block those ads so they don't appear? Any insight users or developers can share is appreciated.
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    [Mac] 1.0.79 beta causes security certificate errors on https sites in Firefox

    Yet more problems with the Mac beta. In the latest Firefox, any attempt to connect to a secure/https site throws up the dreaded "The connection is untrused" security warning. Disabling the Adguard software fixes the issue. The problem is not present when using the browser extension only.
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    [Mac] 1.0.79 beta not blocking Youtube

    Been a while since I've posted here because Adguard has been working remarkably well in recent builds...until now. The latest, 1.0.79, has apparently lost the ability to block the banner ad on Youtube's front page. This is with Safari 8.0.6 and OS X Yosemite 10.10.3. This issue was not present...
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    [MAC 1.0.39] Videos won't play on after waking system from sleep

    Am having an issue where videos on won't play using Safari with Adguard 1.0.39 beta. Steps to reproduce the issue: 1) Launch Adguard 2) Go to and and pick highlights for any game. Videos will play properly while there. 3) Put Mac system to sleep. 4) Wake system and repeat...
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    [MAC 1.0.36] Keep AdGuard window open when not in focus?

    If I have Adguard open and click on the desktop or another open window, the Adguard window disappears, leaving only the dock icon. Is this how the program is supposed to work, or is this a bug?
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    [MAC 1.0.36] Conflict w/software and Safari browser extension

    I installed the Adguard Safari browser extension to test it alongside the software, and there appears to be a conflict that causes web pages to not load. The attached screenshot shows me trying to load the Adguard forums page with both things installed. This was after letting the page sit for 15...
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    [MAC] Firewall notification pops up after every reboot

    See the following screenshot for a message that pops up every time I reboot my system and have Adguard set to launch at startup. This message comes from the built-in OS X firewall, which I have enabled. If the firewall is disabled, the message does not appear. Adguard 1.0.36 beta and OS X...