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    adguard prevent site from loading

    Hi You can't access this site while adguard iis active When above site is entered its stuck on this url Can u fix that?
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    Hebrew list needed

    HI i just install it and see no Hebrew list ... can u add this list ? otherwise it useless for me :) Thanks
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    adding new list subscriptions line

    HI can u add an option that we can add manually subscriptions list via command line? :cool: in that way i can add "anti adblock list" which prevent adguard extension to be blocked on some anti ad block mechanism
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    Hebrew list

    can u add it to the next release ? till now i have to add the file manually and that ugly ... :cool: 10x ...
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    Bug found , adguard wont blocking when disabled and r enabled

    i just find out if u disable adguard for certain page in a domain and than enable it again , this certain page wont be monitor by adguard unless u close the entire browser and reopen it (also not every time if any)
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    ADguard and youtube missing ads and announcement

    does adguard remove YouTube ads and announcement ? :confused: coz i didnt success making it do so... can someone light me on that ? 10x:cool:
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    Messed up TOP page formatting (spacing)
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    misses advertisements (

    misses advertisements some sites (updated)
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    AdGuard is blocking any Il`s site poorly

    as topic says , adguard barely block and ads on main Israeli sites , i hope u will give it more attention :)
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    more user filter line needed

    more user filter lines needed HI there is only 1 "user filter" line to add my manual adding filtering... if i add lets say other list (in my case hebrew one) all my previous entered list are gone.... we need more than 1 line ... 10x :cool: