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    [Resolved] : anti-adblock

    Thank you. It works :)
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    [Resolved] : anti-adblock Anti-adblock on this page Using Adguard 6.0.67 beta for windows
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    [AdGuard for Windows] Beta version

    Trying beta.. so far good.
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    Yes it works now. Before it was mentioned that rule had been added to experimental filter. But searching experimental filter is not giving me "vartoken"
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    ads showing again in home page and other pages..
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    [Resolved] : anti-adblock script

    Yes that works :)
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    [Resolved] : anti-adblock script This url gives me anti-adblock screen/mask covering the page.
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    [Resolved] : anti-adblocker script

    Yes it works.. Thanks :)
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    [Resolved] : anti-adblocker script After visiting the url a mask appears over the website requesting to disable ad blocker.
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    ads started showing again :/
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    Yes they are being blocked now. Thanks.
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    No I havent.. as they are added to experimental filter.
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    I dont understand
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    Seems to work now. :)
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    Not blocking the left and right banner... > A worked for me when I blocked element.
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    I dont get any ads on this page.. Maybe you must have turned on "useful ads" in settings
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    [resolved] no need for logging in..
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    User, English, Spyware and Experimental It doesnt happen always. Try opening a lot of links from on other tabs in firefox.. atlst one of them must give this blank page.
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    Anyways this started happening after activating the filter. But this issue is nothing compared to without the filter. :)
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    I have enabled Experimental Filter and it works on the site generally. Sometimes.. for eg the above link.. the bg loads the entire site. I use FF too. When I refreshed it disappeared. For eg this link : gave.. with experimental...