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    Windows 10, Spartan and WPF

    Hello, somewhere in the WWW I found a sentence that I should enable the WPF setting in the Adguard settings for spartan, this setting should also prevent me from ads at other places in Windows 10, e.g. the app store. I enabled this WPF settings and it works for spartan, I thought "fine"...
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    Yandex Webbrowser and the buildin adguard extension.

    Hello, I don't understand Russian and I can't find any english forum, because of this I ask this here. I use adguard 5.10 and I test the new Yandex beta at the moment. I am impressed and the browser works very well. 1) yandex.browser is in the adguard browser list and I can see the green...
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    Questions about Facebook games and exceptions.

    Hello, I have some questions about Facebook games and a few general beginner questions. 1) iframe and other content: Facebooks Apps have always the URL Apart from a few Facebook site elements, like the blue Facebook toolbar at the top and Facebook...